Carolyn Francis

Artist's Profile

As I contemplate my youth, some of my fondest recollections revolve around the simplicity of curling up on our comfortable couch while drawing. Though I focused on art throughout my early schooling, I left home at the tender age of 18 to model in New York City and Europe while also pursuing the acting profession. Therefore, never having time to attend college, eight years ago, I began to explore painting, studying at Pratt Institute and The Woodstock School of Art. However, most of my technique and knowledge was acquired at selected workshops. Included on the list of superb teachers are BillyO'Donnel, Dee Beard Dean, Ben Fenske, and Joseph Paquet. This chosen vocation is a demanding mistress, and I've discovered that it is necessary to invest time and effort painting every day.

My style comes from the embattled artistic tradition known as realism. The realist looks at the ordinary world around him and records it. He does so out of the philosophic conviction that goodness, beauty, and interest are in the world as it is. This must not be confused with the very different notion that everything in life is good, beautiful or interesting. Realist choose those things, people, and events that they find sufficiently compelling to share with others.

Drawn to impressionists Monet and Bonnard for their use of color and uplifting scenes, Corot, the beauty of his composition, and Sargent for his spirited brushwork, I truly relish a variety of artists from Michelangelo to Homer. Traditional work with a modern sense of color and fresh brush strokes most appeals to me. Nevertheless, in order that contemporaries may relate to it, I want my labors to represent the current and not of the past.

Carolyn's paintings can be found in corporate and private collections throughout North America and Europe.